3 Factors to Look For When Selecting a Private Tuition Agency

Tuition is an industry that is worth more than $1 billion in Singapore. For years, it has been regarded as a necessity rather than a luxury by most parents – and for understandable reasons, too. With higher standard education, increasingly difficult examinations, students often find themselves falling behind without tuition.

It is for this reason that it’s becoming more typical for parents to hire private tutors to assist their children in learning. As parents, we have to understand how critical it is to find the right tutor, but with a wealth of private tuition agencies in Singapore, how do we ensure that we get the best tutor for our child? In this article, we list down the factors we think are the most important to consider when selecting a tuition agency.

  1. Recommendations

Looking for recommendations is your first step in finding the right home tuition agency for your child. So, ask fellow parents whether they know a tuition agency they can recommend. A tuition agency may provide you with information that looks good up front but, what you should actually be interested in is whether they can deliver your needs – and this is where recommendations and testimonials come into play. If, on the other hand, you don’t find a tuition agency this way, you can always look on the Internet for a professional tutor in Singapore.

  1. Qualifications

After you’ve found a potential tuition agency, you should then check its standards in terms of hiring tutors. Assess whether the agency offers tutors who have the background, training and experience in teaching that is suitable not only for the level of which your child is studying but his learning ability as well. Here at Academics, we pride ourselves in putting your child’s learning on top of our priorities. We commit to finding your child a tutor who is academically-equipped and one who is patient enough to see your child through the process, no matter how difficult it may get.

  1. Teaching Styles

There are many ways children learn. A method that works for one may not be as effective for another. A reliable tuition agency should be able to provide you with a private tutor that understands the specific needs of your child and systematically devise a teaching style that will meet his requirements. Our private tutors at Academics have extensive experience in handling different types of situations in teaching and have a high success rate in terms of helping our students achieve higher rankings, owing to the fact that we take it seriously to find a good match for your child.

Hiring a Private Tuition Agency in Singapore

Because of the greater focus on academics, private tutors are in great demand these days. Here at Academics Singapore, we are dedicated to helping you find a highly qualified tutor that will help your child excel in his studies. We relieve you the burden of conducting interviews on your own by providing you with a ready list of private tutors for hire.

The process may seem complicated but one day you’ll realise that all the additional efforts you put in to find the best tutor for your child will be well worth the trouble.


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