What is IB Tuition: A Brief Guide

The International Baccalaureate (IB) is regarded as an advanced and holistic alternative to rather traditional qualifications such as the GCE A Levels.

To earn the necessary knowledge and score top grades in the IB, students across Singapore are enrolling to IB tuitions to get advice and guidance from IB tutors, who, more often than not, are graduates of the IB Diploma Programme themselves.

Hence, with the increasing number of IB students turning to tuitions, it’s safe to say that tuition has already invaded the landscape of the IB curriculum in Singapore. As a private tuition agency in Singapore, allow us to introduce you further to IB and how an IB tuition can benefit you.

An Introduction to IB Programme

The IB programme is a world-recognised curriculum offered to students of ages 3 to 19. It is facilitated by the IB Organisation (IBO), an independent nonprofit based in Switzerland.

IB Curriculum

The IB is unlike any other high school educational system. It has a different approach to learning as well. For instance, an IB student is required to take subjects across various disciplines and engage in activities outside the classroom like community service and sports.

In some ways, the IB program is fairly similar to the Advanced Placement (AP) program, offering advanced and rigorous courses to high school students. The only difference is that the IB program focuses more on providing a well-rounded curriculum that culminates in a diploma.

There are four programs in the IB curriculum. But, the most familiar to high school students in Singapore is the IB Diploma Programme (IBDP), a two-year course offered to students ages 16 to 19. The program is usually taken in the last two years of high school, which they can use when applying to universities.

When you’re planning to enroll to an IB programme, here are some of the reasons why you should consider an IB home tuition in Singapore.

  1. Personalised lessons. The primary advantage of private tuition is that lessons are customised to provide your specific needs. You can benefit from the idea that a private tutor adjusts to your learning pace with the aim of maximising the learning efficiency.
  2. Focused attention. Another benefit gained from private tuition is the attention you receive from your tutor. In this manner, your tutor will be able to assess your weak points and devise strategies that will make the learning process more effective.
  3. Convenience. Private tuition is undeniably convenient. Your tutor is more than willing to structure lessons around your school schedule as well as accommodate you on your most convenient times. But, more than that, you can have your sessions right at the comforts of your home.

On top of all these, having an IB tutor ensures that you are provided with the adequate assistance to your study, whether it be ensuring that you learn your IB lessons or troubleshooting your weak points and address them.

IB Tuition from Academics

Academics is a private tuition agency that offers structured and customised tuition for IB students across Singapore.

Our team of qualified private home tutors is professionally-trained to provide assistance to our IB students. We understand that every student has a different learning pace hence, we customise our services according to their specific needs.

Contact us for a personalised IB tuition today!


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