How to Help Your Child Achieve Optimal Results Out of A Tuition

In 2015, Singapore ranked first on the global Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) in math, science, and reading, besting countries such as Australia, France, and the UK.

While it’s globally-recognised that Singapore has invested heavily in its education system, what public discussions fail to acknowledge is the part private tuition agencies play and their role in the overall success of students in the city-state.

Here are some interesting figures:

• 8 out of 10 primary school students  in Singapore receive private tuition

• 40% of preschoolers are enrolled in private tuition

• Private tuition students attend at least 2-3 hours of private tuition every week.

The statistics clearly show that Singapore parents invest heavily in tuition – $500-$2,000 per month, to be exact. These also explain why private tuition is a $1.1 billion industry that takes a great impact on many family incomes.f you’re one of those parents who hire a private home tutor in Singapore, it’s quite normal that you’d want to get the best results out of your investment, considering the amount of money you pay for a private tutor. But, while a tuition centre guarantees success, your child will also require your guidance and support along the way.

So, here are some tips on how you can play your part in supporting your kids with their tuition:

Be actively involved in the tuition

Tutors are supposed to let you keep track of your kids’ progress and become aware of their weaknesses and strengths. By having consistent, active communication with their tutor, you can help in devising strategies that could be used to improve the areas that needed to be worked on, to help them excel in their academic performance.

Make a study schedule

Another tip to assisting your kids with their tuition is to construct a healthy study schedule for them. Make sure you allocate a sufficient amount of time for every subject, providing more time to those they find most difficult. Don’t forget as well to give them a break in between so as to help them unwind, relax, and re-energise for the next study session.

Create a great study space

In addition to a study schedule, it also pays to create a space that’s conducive to studying: an organised, distraction-free environment where everything they need is arranged neatly and easily accessible. Some ideas that may help include placing a wall planner, a clock, and items such as dictionaries and other resource materials where they are visible and accessible. Also, keep away any distractions particularly TV and mobile.

Guide them in their homework

When your kids do their homework, support them in every way possible but never complete the assignments for them. Instead, help interpret their homework, review their work together, and let them identify their mistakes on their own. These strategies will not only keep them from feeling helpless but will also develop in them a sense of responsibility and work ethic that will be valuable in their future in many circumstances.

Foster open communication

More than anybody else, it’s you who your kids should be comfortable with to talk about how they feel about their tuition. They should feel safe expressing what they feel about the issues that may be concerning them, without fearing that their opinions would be dismissed as a petty thing. For instance, if your kids don’t feel good about their tutor, you should consider replacing the tutor with one they’re comfortable with.

Keep them healthy

Excessively studying and stress caused by the competitive and rigorous Singapore education system can affect your kids’ overall health. Hence, as a parent, probably the best way you can support them is to keep them in their best health at all times – physically, mentally, and emotionally. Make sure that they’re eating three balanced meals a day and that they are engaged in exercises to keep them energised and focused throughout the day. You can also add brain foods to their diet which include nuts, salmon, and kiwi to name a few. Private tuition agencies in Singapore provide a great learning experience through the help of qualified, trained, and understanding tutors. But, this shouldn’t excuse you from your role in their journey. Keep in mind that your support and probably your mere presence can go a long way in motivating them.


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